Commercial Recycling

Commercial Recycling is mandatory in Center Township as well as the state of Pennsylvania.

The Commercial Recycling DEP forms below are for commercial, municipal or institutional establishments in PA.

Please review the DEP Forms to see How To Decide Which Report You must Submit:
4500-FM-SW0011  (.pdf file)
4500-FM-SW0012  (.pdf file)
4500-FM-SW0013  (.pdf file)

To view and print files listed on this page you will need a PDF program. If you do not have a PDF program, you may download either Adobe Reader or Nuance PDF Reader or search the internet for additional PDF programs.


Waste Management Bagster Program

Read about the Waste Management Bagster, how much a bag can hold and where they can be purchased. Please click on the box below to read more about the Waste Management Bagster Program:

Waste Management Bagster Program