Ordinance #4-2018: No Open Burning

Ordinance #4-2018:  No Open Burning is Permitted in Center Township, Beaver County. with the exception of recreational burning.

Recreational burning is defined as a fuel load of no more than 3 feet in diameter and 2 feet in height within an outdoor manufactured fire pit.   The purpose of recreational fires is for pleasure and recreational purposes only.  This prohibiting of open burning is not just a township ordinance but is also not prohibited by the Department of Environmental Protection.  Center Twp., Beaver County falls within an air basin that has been determined by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.  This ordinance was effective as of April, 2018 replacing the previous ordinance.   Following these guidelines will ensure continued air quality and minimize air pollution and fire hazards.  Please refer to the following website for details of the ordinance:  https://ctbos.com/permits/.  For proper disposal of yard waste, please contact the Center Township Municipal Office for details: 724-774-0271.

Please be aware that any violations of the burning ordinance could be subjected to a citation.  We greatly appreciate your cooperation in this matter.